True Stories

Should be dead, glad to be alive.


Hear about Jackson’s miraculous and full life.

When I was born, I was diagnosed with a both an atrial septal heart defect and cystic fibrosis, a disease affecting my lungs. I had surgery to repair the heart defect when I was just 6 months old. Although the surgery was successful, the doctors told my family that they did not me expect to live beyond 2 years old. The Lord has been gracious and answered our prayers so I’m still here 21 years later.

I have been attending the Revival Fellowship with my family all my life. When I was a teenager there were some issues in my family, and I realised that I needed to make my own move in the right direction towards the Lord. I began asking the Lord for His gift of the Holy Spirit. At a Revival Fellowship convention at the Gold Coast in 2015 I was having a great time listening to the talks and testimonies. It was at them that God answered my prayers and filled me with the Holy Spirit. I was baptised by full immersion in water a week later.

The Lord has done so many things in my life that I cannot thank him enough. I have now turned 21 despite what the doctors predicted, which is a massive blessing. I have a wonderful job which I had never thought would be possible. He has also provided me with a family of God of whom I love, and talents that allow me to contribute to this wonderful fellowship. I will be forever grateful for what God has done for me.