True Stories

Jesus is Alive


Learn about how Chris came to know that Jesus is Alive:

In 1977 my sister travelled down from Bundaberg to visit me at a caravan park in Melbourne where I was staying after leaving NZ some 4 weeks earlier.

My life back then was peppered with a cocktail of drug abuse which had been going on over a period of many years. I thought I was happy and life was good – then my sister arrived at my caravan door.  I invited her in and soon noticed she was different by the way she dressed and spoke, and a more obvious tell tale sign was that we hadn’t rolled a joint in 10 minutes!  It was then beginning to feel a little bit weird and becoming awkward.  I said to my sister, ”What’s going on, you seem a lot different – what’s happened to you?

She then said one of the most profound things I had ever heard in my entire life, especially because it had come from a family member, she told me ”Jesus was Alive”.  If it wasn’t for her genuine conviction – I would have laughed.

In an instant I replied,  “If Jesus is alive, how can I know that to be true?”  All I could think about was the hundreds of statues that I had seen of Christ dead on the cross outside many churches I had passed by over the years and that was all I understood – that Christ was dead on the cross.

My sister went on to tell me she was born again and that the same spirit that dwelt in Christ now dwells in all His believers.  She told me this and many other things from the gospels.

At 24 years I went to my first Holy Ghost meeting.  At my third meeting I was baptised by full immersion in a tank of water and when I came up out of the waters of baptism I instantly received the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues as the spirit come to dwell in me.

Now I have the great privilege of being able to share with you my story in the hope that it will become your story and you can tell people with a genuine conviction that JESUS IS ALIVE.