True Stories

Healed from Migranes


It was 1977 and I was 18 years old. I met a young woman who had something in her life which seemed to give her something more. A confidence in any situation. I wanted that in my life. She told me it was the Holy Spirit and I could have it too.

She told me I would know when I had received this gift from God – I would speak in a language I had never learned just as they had done on the day of Pentecost. She told me from the bible,(Acts2:38) that I needed a change of heart, be baptised and when I asked, receive this Holy Spirit.

I wanted this. I wanted to know God and that He know me. I wanted to see miracles in my life as I obeyed the Word of God. I wanted this Holy Spirit experience.

I received the Holy Spirit in February 1978. I know that was when I received the Holy Spirit because I spoke in tongues and that was the evidence I needed and is spoken about in the Bible.   All the things my friend told me were true. All the things the bible promised are true. He guides and directs my life through his Holy Spirit.  Praise to the Living God, Our Heavenly Father.


Listen to Denise speak about how she was healed from chronic migranes.