True Stories

God is always there for me.


Learn more about Gods influence and protection in Cameron’s life:

I have grown up attending church and having the Lord in my life and I had many blessings through my school years. When I reached an age of understanding, I knew that I had to receive God’s free gift of the Holy Spirit for myself, so I resolved to seek for it after the new year had started.

I received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues in January 2014; a few days later I was baptised by full immersion – just as it is outlined in the Bible. 

The Lord has blessed me with employment and has protected me in the workplace. I accidentally hit my thumb with a hammer; the pain was excruciating and went straight up my arm.  I immediately I prayed in tongues for a healing and the pain was gone within seconds. I praise the Lord that he never leaves or forsakes me and he is always the guiding light in my life!