True Stories

God Can Do Anything


Read how Genevieve found the same gospel as the Bible Apostles and went from a life of misery and loneliness to one of peace and power.

Being raised in a mainline church gave me a strong sense of God’s presence in my life.  When I was told at age 21 that I could receive the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, I jumped at the chance. I wanted my life to change, and I knew God could do that for me.  The group I was part of didn’t fully understand what it was we had, and nothing changed in my life at that time.  Feeling disillusioned, I walked away from the group and simply forgot the experience I’d had.

Twelve years later, I had a drinking problem, a failed marriage and two boys to raise on my own.  I was miserable and lonely but one thing I still had was faith in God.  I desperately wanted to find a religion like the Apostles had; a simple and easy to follow process, uncomplicated by church doctrines.

God ordered my footsteps and I found Revival Fellowship; it preached exactly what the Apostles preached.  I had to be born again, they said.  They knew I had received the Holy Spirit but told me that I should be baptised by full immersion as well.  I thought, ‘well, if it was good enough for Jesus, then it’s certainly good enough for me.’

After being baptised, all the things I wanted changed in my life began to happen.  I felt joy in my heart for the first time in my life.  My alcohol problem disappeared instantly – what a blessing that was!  My ever-anxious mind was also now at peace.  I soon realised that baptism was my ‘signature’ to the new covenant (or contract) I had entered into with the Lord.  The gift of his Spirit was His signature. It took me 12 years to sign it!

Now my life looks very different.  I have a wonderful husband whose faith is like mine.  I have grandchildren and a stable home.  I am truly blessed.

My youngest granddaughter was born in difficult circumstances.  Her mother couldn’t breathe and was rushed to hospital at 8 months gestation; both in dire straits.  We prayed and the very distressed baby survived.  Her mum had fluid on her lungs which took several days to drain.  A scan of her lungs showed stage-4 cancer and she was given three months or less to live.  Once again, we prayed, and so did the church.  Two years later, we knew God had answered because our daughter-in-law was still alive and had received a wonderful report from her oncologist.

The Lord has done amazing things in my life and I can’t praise him enough.