True Stories

Found God of the Bible


Learn how Janine, after years of searching, personally connected with God:

As a child I went to the Church of England Sunday School. I believed the stories from the bible and loved hearing about miracles and how God interacted with people.

Then, as a young teenager I attended confirmation classes with my sister. My mother withdrew us from confirmation though when we were taught that the miracles, signs and wonders of the bible were easily explained by natural events.

I continued to believe in God and his greatness and knew in my heart he was real.

Some years passed and it was not until I was 18 that I began attending a lively Sunday evening church service run by the Uniting church. I enjoyed the music and met some lovely people. I also listened to the message which encouraged me to give my heart to the Lord to be saved. I had not heard anything like this before and was keen to know God and to make a connection with Him. So I gave my heart to the Lord, Sunday by Sunday. Nothing changed. And I felt something was very wrong.

I believed that God created the world and was indeed the God of the bible and of the signs and miracles that happened within its pages. If indeed He was so great, why could He not make a personal connection with me and I with Him? After a short time I was invited to a Revival meeting and encouraged to bring my bible. For the first time I read in my own bible of God’s clear plan for salvation with signs following. I decided to follow the direction in scripture and was baptised by full immersion, just as Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist. A week later, on my own, I received the Holy Spirit and I spoke in tongues. No longer did I just know about God, I knew Him, as He had revealed Himself to me.

This was the start of a close relationship with my God. He has been there for me, a very present help in times of trouble, a comfort, a joy and a rock in my life for more than 40 years. After my husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2020 we both experienced amazing peace, the kind that only God can give. To be able to give the Lord all our concerns and be assured He will answer is a wonderful thing in this troubled world. My future is eternal no matter what this life brings.