True Stories

Dead for 20mins


Kevin shares his story about how God raised him back from death:

In 1981 I was told about the things of God. I went to a Sunday meeting where everything said seemed like God was talking directly to me. That day I was baptised. One cold, wet night I went down the back into my dad’s chook-yard. Looking into the sky I said, “God, I want to talk to you through this Holy Spirit”, and my tongue went off like a rattling machine gun. My language had changed. Then I knew that I had received God’s Holy Spirit. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had in my life. I liken it to being in a bubble, a cocoon, totally protected.

The 7th of November 1999 is a day I will never forget. Some weeks previously I’d had heart pains and follow-up tests indicated I had what the doctor called a “full house” of five blocked arteries. I was scheduled for an emergency triple bypass operation. Just before I was due to go into surgery I suffered a massive heart attack, said goodbye to my wife, and died. Initial attempts to resuscitate me didn’t work, so they rushed me into theatre. The surgeon opened me up and manually massaged my heart for 20 minutes before eventually placing me on life support. My wife, Dot, was told they didn’t know how much brain damage had occurred, as I had been clinically dead for 20 minutes.

Dot, not accepting this, prayed for my recovery. Many people around the Revival Fellowship also prayed for me at that time. The Lord heard their prayers, and I was totally restored. Before we left the hospital the surgeon came to see us and said I was “another Lazarus”.

Subsequent stress tests and ECGs indicate that I have never had a heart attack. In fact, no heart damage at all.