True Stories

God Restored My Life


Hear Laka tell how God moved him from gangs and drugs & restored his family:

My father was a Uniting church pastor, so discipline was a part of my upbringing in PNG. When I left home and moved to Port Moresby I got involved in drinking, drugs, and criminal gangs. I once nearly lost my life when out stealing cars. There was a high-speed car chase, we were caught, beaten badly, and locked up. From that time, I tried to keep away from the gangs but was still drinking and taking drugs.

I met Christine and we got married, but I didn’t tell her about my criminal activities at first. She found out, and there was a lot of stress. I promised many times to stop the drinking and drugs, but it never lasted very long. We did not have a happy family.

Christine was always a churchgoer. In 2005 she was invited to a Revival Fellowship meeting and went along just to observe. That day she was baptised in water and received the gift of the Holy Spirit.  She arrived home late.  I was very upset and started yelling at her, but she did not get upset back at me. This was a real difference from how she was before. That evening our daughter Wendy had an asthma attack. Normally that would mean a trip to the hospital, but Christine prayed for her, and she was healed.

I observed the fellowship for 2 years, and eventually was convinced to be baptised when the pastor told us “Live forever or die forever, heaven or hell, the choice is yours… No pressure!” I received the Holy Spirit that day and spoke in tongues. My life totally changed from that time, no more drinking or drugs.

My dad was not pleased when he heard that I had joined the Revival Fellowship. He disowned me and told my siblings to stay away from me. During a visit to my village, I didn’t know it, but my father was observing me. He saw the change in me and invited me in and told me I was on the right path and to keep the faith I have.

I have seen signs, wonders and miracles happening before my very eyes. This has strengthened me even when there are challenges in my life. I thank the Lord for his blessing upon our lives and I will keep running my race to cross over the finishing line. All 4 of our children have had same experience we did. Praise God, we now have a happy family.