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Sunshine Coast Revival Fellowship

We are a Sunshine Coast church of approx. 120-140 people of all ages and walks of life that love God and each other.  In all honesty, we’re more than a group – we’re a family – we know, care for and spend time with each other.  We enjoy time together, singing praise to God and learning from his word. 

As the name of our fellowship suggests, we stand for ‘revival’ – revival of people’s lives through the Bible’s salvation message.

Just like early followers of Jesus and other Bible believing Christians since Pentecost, folk in the Sunshine Coast Revival Fellowship have a story to tell.  Our aim is to share our stories:  how we have experienced a fresh start; been filled with the Holy Spirit, been healed by the power of God, and how our lives have been changed.

Our vision is simply to live and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the expectation of the Bible-specified ‘signs following’, as described in Mark 16:15-20.  In doing so, we seek to make known the full benefits of salvation to people all over the Sunshine Coast.

We enjoy a range of family styled activities and meetings, which benefit every age group:

  • Sunday services 2pm & 4.45pm,
  • Children’s church for different age groups on a Sunday during the communion service,
  • Prayer meetings at our hall every 2nd Wednesday (7.30-8.30pm),
  • House meetings across the Sunshine Coast every other Wednesday (7.30-8.30pm),
  • Youth activities on a weekly basis,
  • Free playgroup once a week from 9-11am on Wednesday’s (during school terms) for the community.
  • Easter & Christmas camps,
  • Ladies & Men’s camps, and
  • Kids & Youth camps.

Please get in contact if you’d like to learn more or feel free to drop in to one of our services.  We’d love to see you there!

Pastor Bill Allen
p: 0409 623 347
e: bill.a@bigpond.net.au


17-23 Stark Lane, Forest Glenn.


Sunday: 2.00pm & 4.45pm