Return of Jesus Christ


The writings and prophecies of the Bible throw light on the past, present and future. They leave us in no doubt that Jesus is returning to the earth.

The Bible tells us:

  • mankind will see the return of Jesus to the earth, and the setting up of a new age and government[1]
  • the return of Jesus will follow great conflict and trouble on the earth – famines, earthquakes, disease epidemics, nations rising against nations, and Jerusalem will be a trouble spot…[2]
  • all the world will see him return[3]
  • nobody knows the exact time when Jesus will return[4]
  • there will be signs of the last days[5]
  • we need to be OK with God before Jesus’ return (or our own death)[6]
  • to encourage one another as we see the day of Jesus’ return approaching[7]

For people who know Jesus, and walk a new life in him, his return is to be looked forward to. Not because it is preceded by great trouble and strife, but because it represents the start of a better world.[8]

Jesus tells us to be ready for his return, for he will come when we’re not expecting him.[9]



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