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Brisbane South

Our family friendly church had its beginnings in Brisbane in the mid 1970’s. The original Gospel message of Christ proved to be very effective in this city and many souls were saved, receiving God’s Holy Spirit with the bible evidence of speaking in tongues. This basic message remains the backbone of our worldwide church. God has always endorsed the preaching of the true gospel with his chosen signs and numerous blessings.

We still enjoy the same working of the Spirit that Jesus promised would be evident in every meeting. Gospel songs, bible based scriptural ministry, prayer times for healings and needs, and the use of spiritual voice gifts are common in all our services. People also testify of the life changing actions that God is making in their day to day lives. There are numerous testimonies of medically documented healings and other life improvements.

Those who are blessed by God are happy people. Thus, we enjoy a range of family styled activities and meetings, which benefit every age group. As friends and families, we enjoy Christmas and Easter camps with many visitors from other Revival Fellowships joining in. We also run both children’s and teen’s camps during the September school holidays. Regular youth activities also involve interaction with other fellowships in South East Queensland. These activities build strong families and provide a healthy balance not available in our ever splintering and divided world.

God offers a life full of meaning and purpose, with a strong network of like minded and loving people. We care for each other and for those who want it, we enjoy regular quality time with each other outside of our main meetings. God provides the power and direction, and we can use this to build the life that he promises. Come along and enjoy some real and lasting blessings.

Pastor Brad Smith
p: 0414 768 768
e: pastorbrad@brf.org.au


Yeronga State High School, Villa St, Yeronga.