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Fraser Coast Revival Fellowship

We are a group of spirit-filled people on the Fraser Coast who have had their lives changed through the power of God. We experience signs, wonders and miracles just like Jesus did 2000 years ago. We hold true to the Bible teachings and the foundation of our church can be found in the book of Acts where the outpouring of God’s Spirit began the true Pentecost movement.

We are a group of approx. 50 people of all ages and walks of life that love God and each other.  In all honesty, we’re more than a group – we’re a family – we know, care for and spend time with each other.  We enjoy time together, singing praise to God and learning from his word. 

As the name of our fellowship suggests, we stand for ‘revival’ – revival of people’s lives through the Bible’s salvation message.

Just like early followers of Jesus, folk in the Fraser Coast Revival Fellowship have a story to tell.  Our aim is to share our stories:  how we have experienced a fresh start; been filled with the Holy Spirit, been healed by the power of God, and how our lives have been changed.

We enjoy a range of family styled activities and meetings, which benefit every age group:

  • Sunday meetings at 10.30am,
  • Sunday school during the Sunday meeting,
  • House meetings in both Maryborough & Hervey Bay every Wednesday at 7.00pm.
  • Youth activities & social outings,
  • Easter & Christmas camps,
  • Ladies & Men’s camps, and
  • Kids & Youth camps.

Please get in contact if you’d like to learn more or feel free to drop in to one of our meetings.  We’d love to see you there!

Pastor Brad Bretag
p: 0431 344 125