Bible study



Sin Explained

Why we sin (even when we don’t want to), and what to do when we do sin.

Making Prayer Powerful

The ‘Lord’s Prayer’ is a guide to powerful prayer. We aren’t to pray this prayer repetitively, but when we use it as a guide, great things happen.

What is the Holy Spirit?

The Bible records an experience that empowers and changes people’s lives. It is called the baptism or infilling of the Holy Spirit.

What is Speaking in Tongues?

Speaking in tongues is the sound heard when someone is filled with the Holy Spirit. It is the initial external evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

God Still Heals Today

God is a healing God. He wants to restore people and make them whole. Healing has been one of God’s promises throughout all of mankind’s existence.

Bible Prophecy 101

Bible prophecy is speaking the mind and counsel of God, and includes predicting events and the future of nations.

Return of Jesus Christ

The writings and prophecies of the Bible throw light on the past, present and future. They leave us in no doubt that Jesus is returning to the earth.